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Managed Testing Services

As businesses rely more heavily on cutting-edge technology, demands on IT departments are intensifying. Sogeti's Managed Testing Services (MTS) provide the test organisation, processes and environment to address major testing challenges and achieve optimum results.

With MTS, you benefit from a proven industrialised testing process that leverages our onshore and nearshore resources, as well as our Rightshore® global delivery model.

We have built a solid track record delivering long-term MTS contracts to multinational organisations in the financial services, telecoms and government sectors. Our know-how ensures high-level, comprehensive support to help you achieve the highest standards for testing effectiveness.

How does it work? 

MTS is an end-to-end fully customised service, in which Sogeti takes responsibility for test activities at either enterprise or programme level. Our flexible teams of testing professionals, organised in dedicated client test lines at our Test Centres of Excellence around the world, are cross-trained in multiple technologies, and can be scaled up or down on-demand, meeting the perennial issues of resource peaks and troughs experienced by all IT departments.

A collaborative approach to sourcing testing and QA services, MTS is the solution for clients who want to transform their testing function and achieve high quality services cost-effectively, without the expense of large overheads and day-to-day responsibilities, but without losing overall control.


Our low-risk, proven and incremental roadmap to test sourcing allows you to choose how much test management control you keep or delegate to a trusted and experienced provider.

Benefits of Managed Testing Services

Managed Testing Services deliver cost optimisation as well as demonstrable improvement in the quality of testing, processes, deliverables, results and flexibility of test operations.

Typical benefits from an MTS contract include:

  • Significantly reduced total cost of testing — an optimal balance between local and offshore execution can result in cost savings at least 25% in year one
  • Standardisation of reliable best-practice test processes — the right conditions can produce up to 30% reduction in the overall test effort
  • Measurable improvement in quality and greater precision — proven detection rates of 97% and higher for high-severity defects can be achieved
  • Improved time-to-market of 15% or more and greater transparency of your testing processes and procedures
  • Scalable resource and delivery flexibility — highly-skilled capacity to accommodate increased demand from your business
  • Skills transfer — capabilities and a quality focus are embedded into your organisation and consistent quality assurance is delivered across multiple supplier environments
  • Continuous optimisation and access to innovation techniques, such as Cloud Testing and Virtualisation, to establish and maintain a competitive edge.

Testing Center of Excellence

We support you in establishing and managing your own Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE).

Some of our clients see Testing and Quality assurance as Core Business and want to keep it under own control. Nevertheless they would like a partner who can support them in making the best choices when building a TCoE and also ensures permanent optimisation of their services.

A TCoE  makes sure that a company does not reinvent the Testing wheel in different departments. It provides the consistency, governance, and structure to improve efficiency - from project to project.

A TCoE helps to standardise and industrialise your testing operations.  It enables you to manage all your resources more efficiently to ensure quality across applications, and build a culture that focuses on quality and collaboration.

We use our standardised Testing methodology (TMap®) and integrate HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) technology to provide a comprehensive software environment, share assets, and provide full traceability.

We plan, implement and execute your TCoE, using a phased approach, integrating HP Application Lifecycle Management, aligned to your company’s readiness for transition and your business goals.

MTS Case Study

Performance driven. Quality assured.

ING Real Estate Investment Management, a global real estate company, engaged Sogeti to undertake the testing of a new management information system prior to launch. Adopting a Rightshore® approach, Sogeti used a combination of onshore and offshore resources to carry out the testing, resulting in a reduction of 50% in test effort.


ING REIM had initiated an internal programme, VIRES, to improve the efficiency and reliability of the management information exchange between ING REIM, its administrative controllers and its clients. Before the new system could be piloted and launched, all new and modified software for data exchange and processing had to be thoroughly tested. ING REIM turned to Sogeti, an existing trusted provider of testing services.


Sogeti’s solution was based on its Managed Testing Service. The service comprised of an onsite test manager in the Netherlands, supported by a team of Sogeti resources based offshore in India. The test was prepared in India, based on the available test bases, together with the development of the necessary test scripts. Then a team in the Netherlands (made up of both Indian and Dutch resources) executed the tests at the client’s location.

The Benefits

The key results were that the new system was ready to be successfully 
launched, and that, through the Rightshore® combination of onshore and offshore sourcing, Sogeti achieved a 50% reduction in test effort, primarily through taking maximum advantage of the standardization of the tests.


ING Real Estate Investment Management was very satisfied with the result of the test project. ING REIM Programme Manager Kitty de Haan commented: “I knew Sogeti to be a professional test service provider, and the structured approach to testing and the test results gave us good insight into the quality of the various software components. The solution with a test manager onsite and Indian testers, initially in the Netherlands and later in India, worked excellently.

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