QA & testing for capital markets

Managing your trading applications environment is never easy. Between system upgrades, maintenance, and new customisation, these applications are in a constant state of change. Yet central to success in today’s equities markets – where competitive advantage is measured in milliseconds – is the reliability and performance of the underlying software modules and the accuracy of the data delivered over connections to disparate networks.

With approximately 2,700 independent quality engineers dedicated to financial services, Sogeti and the Capgemini Group helps customers approach quality as a parallel lifecycle to the traditional software development lifecycle to help increase business agility while reducing cost and mitigating production risks. We’ve developed a published international standard test management approach and test process improvement methodology called TMap® and TPI®.

Our end-to-end Capital Markets quality solutions span business domains and include:

  • Trading system regression test automation
  • Order management system volume and performance testing
  • Trade reporting and compliance testing

Model Based Testing Workbench

Model based testing is a methodology and IT toolset designed to accelerate the creation of test scripts. Using traditional methods, test professionals must manually create each test script and use case, a task which requires both testing skills and domain expertise. By using model based testing tools, capital markets firms can automatically generate test cases from models to describe the application, object or system under test. A single model can generate multiple test cases in far less time than it would take to write the same number of cases manually. Models can also be re-used to test other applications with similar functionality.

Sogeti and the Capgemini Group have created Model Based Testing Workbenches for Calypso®, SWIFT, Financial Information eXchange (FIX) and Interest Rate Derivatives (IRD). Our Workbenches include common requirements, functional use cases, and product configurations specifically designed for testing these systems.

FIX Protocol Testing Accelerator

The reliability, scalability and availability of FIX engines are essential to maintaining electronic trading operations 24/7 around the globe. Sogeti and the Capgemini Group created the industry’s first and only FIX Protocol Testing Accelerator to speed testing for FIX protocols, trading applications and order management systems.

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