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Specialised testing services

Sogeti recognises that not all testing services are evenly relevant for every organisation. With the speed of technological change advancing at want seems like an ever increasing pace, organisations needs to adapt in order to deliver high quality products and services within the minimum amount of delivery time. Our specialised testing services accommodate all organisations dependent on their needs offering key business value such as cost and time savings.

It is our conviction that specialised testing services are essential to provide proven answers to current testing challenges, combining proven methods and processes, experience and best practices, supported by best in breed tooling. Sogeti offers the following specialised testing services; 

Mobile Testing Services 

Our mobile testing services and solutions are designed with the end user in mind. We offer bespoke solutions based on our TMap NEXT® approach to ensure that the original intended business value of our client is delivered. Mobile enabled applications are now a business imperative with mobile leading the trend in terms of its impact on the business world both internally on enterprise level as well as externally towards clients and partners. While the majority of companies are actively using Mobile applications, just more than half of them are applying a structured testing approach according to our latest World Quality Report. 

Find out more about our mobile testing services here. 

The Sogeti Studio 

Our mobile testing lab enables organisations to carry out mobile testing locally. With access to local resources, devices and our highly skilled testing team it is a cost effective way to carry out your mobile testing strategy. 

Find out more about the Sogeti Studio here. 

Security Testing Services 

Sogeti is committed to offering a complete range of testing services to its customers, based upon the underlying principle of risk management and the end goal of achieving assurance in our clients’ service delivery. Information security is a key part in achieving this assurance – now more than ever. 

Find out more about our security testing services here. 

SAP Testing Services

We are experts in SAP Testing helping to ensure that one of your most business-critical applications runs flawlessly. 

Find out more about our SAP testing services here. 

Test Automation Services

There are many key benefits of test automation for an organisation, in particular time and cost saving. The latest World Quality Report (2015-16) highlighted that the biggest technical challenge faced in application development is 'reliance on manual testing' with 39% of respondents agreeing. Manual testing, although still relevant - and for some test cases it is imperative - is time-consuming, taking up human resources as they execute and record test steps and results.

Test automation is particularly valuable for;

  • Test cases that are executed repeatedly
  • Test cases which are time-consuming 
  • High risk cases - Business critical test cases 
  • Test cases which are tedious or difficult to execute 

Find out more about our test automation services here. 

Agile Testing Services

Many organisations are either considering moving from 'plan-driven' software development lifecycle approaches to agile or have already made the transition. Agile testing uses an agile workflow as a different way of looking at project management 

Find out more about our agile testing services here. 

Testing Platform-as-a-Service 

Sogeti provides a secure and reliable on-demand testing service on our private cloud to improve application quality without requiring large upfront investment in tools or hardware.

Find our more about our testing platform-as-a-service here. 

Sogeti OneShare for Test 

Sogeti’s newest application development and testing platform, OneShare for Test, is the most comprehensive solution and toolset for testing services. With an unrivaled assortment of tools, and service offerings, and all the benefits of Microsoft Azure, developers are testing their apps and ensuring quality with greater agility and cost efficiency than ever before.

Find out more about OneShare for Test here. 

Our Specialised Testing Services Portfolio
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