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IoT Testing: A New Approach to Testing Internet of Things

With CISCO predicting growth in Internet of Things (IoT ) to increase up to 50 billion by 2020, it has become integral for organizations to integrate IoT in their systems. You can strengthen your organization’s IoT capabilities with our new approach in testing called the Internet of Things testing.

According to IDC, there are currently 13 billion connected things, and over forty percent of worldwide Internet of Things (IoT) revenue currently comes from manufacturing, transportation, smart cities, and consumer applications. IoT has constantly been reshaping product design, customer engagement, decision making, marketing strategies and the after sales of organizations. It is slowly becoming an integral part of every organization with every system developed being a part of IoT or strongly related to IoT. In fact, CISCO has forecasted that the growth in IoT will exceed from 23 billion in 2016 to 50 billion by 2020.

Devices carrying an IoT experience and the infinite amount of possibilities are enough reasons to look into testing IoT solutions. Hence, we have taken the lead in launching a new testing approach for IoT called IoT testing that involves a broader and more complex scope than traditional software testing. We are extending our market leading TMap® Next and TMap® HD testing methodologies to Internet of Things solutions.

To provide a glimpse into IoT testing, Sogeti has come up with a new book called ‘IoTMap; Testing in a IoT environment’ that dives into the complete scope of securing the quality of IoT solutions including connectivity , scalability , end to end functions , security and  the entire testing scope. The book can be downloaded here.

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IoTMap: Testing in an IoT environment
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