Our data Scientist and statistics lab

One of the hidden jewels of Sogeti is its core competency in Statistical Analysis and the presence of a core team of Data Scientists. This secretive team from Sogeti Luxembourg has been working closely with Eurostat for the last 10+ years helping them with several key publications and initiatives.

The Data Scientists are the best of the best and that helped position Sogeti Luxembourg as the number one BI Services provider at Sogeti Luxembourg. Sogeti Luxembourg has the unique combination of IT and Statistics within the same company as such it is able to offer a complete end to end solution for a Project. The vast experience gained has resulted in Sogeti developing an Integrated Multi-Dimensional approach ( Statistical Engineering ) that encompasses the entire Statistical Production Chain. That includes:

  • Data Collection
  • Data Processing
  • Data Exchange ( e.g. using SDMX, eDAMIS etc )
  • Statistical Data Analysis
  • Domain Expertise
  • Publishing know-how

As the Leaders in their field the Data Scientists have played an active role in the development of solutions for the exchange of statistical data in Europe, notably SDMX and EDI. In addition to that they are experts with SAS, ETL tools and methodologies, Data Mining, Data Quality and Auditing, Business Intelligence and Business Information Management. They have the capability to work with the technology platform that a client provides be it Microsoft, Oracle or IBM etc.

Key Differentiators

One of the key differentiators of Sogeti in this area is enablement and training courses that they help organize in the field of Statistics. The events and training includes administrative and financial follow-up, content preparation and mobilization of the experts. A key part of every Business Intelligence project is adoption and Sogeti has that covered for you with a proven methodology and approach.

As data is the new oil this Team can demonstrate additional insights that you can gain from your existing data set. Those insights can result in an increase in both the top line and the bottom line for your company in the form of cost savings, proper market penetration, customer segmentation, and other optimizations.

A World Class Team

If you are looking for a World Class Team of Data Scientists with extensive experience in Statistics and Analytics you need Sogeti Luxembourg. If you need Data Scientists that are specialized in Economics, Finance, Demography and Social Conditions, Environment, Energy, Transport, Agriculture, Healthcare etc we have them. We would very much like to provide the same level of professionalism, privacy, and successful delivery capability as we do to Eurostat. Our flexible model supports onsite needs, a RightShore™ approach or a Statistics as a Service model.