Intelligent Solution Build

Intelligent Solution Build

If you are unsure where to begin on your Business Intelligence and Analytics journey Sogeti's Intelligent Solution Build is the place to start. we focus on the specific challenge and provide you with a solution roadmap to take your organisation to the next stage in its BI journey.

What is an Intelligent Solution Build? 

It is an assessment of your organisation to identify specific challenges and provide your organisation with a solution roadmap to further your BI maturity. 

How Does a Solution Build Work? 

bi-solution-build Business Intelligence Solution Build 

•Identify and focus on what really matters
•Assurance of support and success of solution and approach
•clarify objectives , implementation, complexity and size

Benefits of an Intelligent Solution Build

  • 50% time savings for analysis and decision making 
  • „Clear insight into your Business Issue
  • Quick decision making 
  • ROI capture/registration 
  • Alignment of business & IT 
  • Quick implementation 
  • Objective outlook and specific expertise input 
  • Focus on the business issue 


Within 1 day you will receive a supported solution as well as an approach to solve your specific business issue.

„Do you want to save some time and solve some issues? Please feel free to make an enquiry below. 

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