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Digital drives business opportunities at an unprecedented level. As this momentum builds, Sogeti's Digital services enables organisations to become recognised digital leaders by delivering best-in-class digital solutions.

Our strong alliances with our global technology partners mean that we have the ability to deliver optimum solutions using both local and offshore teams. We offer complete end-to-end transformational and technology services.

Our digital services portfolio works with our clients to build an enterprise that harnesses value from technological assets. We implement and optimise software and applications to help streamline your business and drive growth. 

Our business productivity, cloud services, legacy migrations and modern application development delivers business value through the provision of innovative technology enabled transformation services (be it packaged based applications or customised solutions).  

Digital Transformation

Successful digital solutions excel in addressing three key goals:

  1. providing superb customer experience
  2. significantly improving operational processes 
  3. enabling strengthened or entirely new business models
  • Our omnichannel-enabled solutions fuel top line growth and we help businesses achieve digitally enhanced selling. Customer processes are streamlined and Sogeti solutions facilitate new dynamic business ecosystems.

  • Internal and operational processes are improved through the implementation of digital tools we build, enabling anywhere and anytime access to information. We design solutions that optimise the organisation’s ability to collaborate and perform.

  • Sogeti Digital solutions enable new business opportunities and business models by transitioning that which is physical to digital, using digital wrappers, and we help create new digital products and services.

Our experience shows that the results of implementing Sogeti Digital solutions include;

  • Increased online sales
  • Improved profitability
  • Reduced internal costs

We work with the largest brands in a variety of sectors including Retail, Consumer Products, Insurance, Financial, Public, Energy & Utilities, and Transportation & Travel.

Digital Services Portfolio 

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