The Real Journey to the Cloud

At Sogeti we work closely with our clients to deliver business specific solutions that provide real business value. Our Cloud approach is no different. We understand that no two organisations will have the same requirements when it comes approaching the Cloud which is why we have designed the OneDeliver approach to assist our clients at any and every stage of their Cloud journey.

Where will your Journey take you? 

No matter what stage of the Cloud journey you are on, Sogeti can enable your organisation to realise its business vision. Our OneDeliver approach provides and end-end-solution for Cloud implementation. 

Our portfolio

Our OneDeliver portfolio consists of three cohesive parts. 

ADVISE –  Helping you make your cloud choices. Our local Sogeti experts, will guide you. We perform your Cloud Assessments and introduce you to our Cloud Migration Factory, assist you in developing a cloud strategy, which supports the business strategy and strengthens your efficiency and agility. We can also provide you with a purely advisory service.

ALIGN – Are you cloud ready? We can help to prepare you by using our onshore and offshore delivery capabilities, transforming your applications portfolio by rationalizing, modernizing, migrating workloads or creating new cloud-native applications. We provide three migration approaches – re-host, re-mediate and re-write.

ANIMATE – Moving you into the cloud and running your business in the cloud. We manage your migration, set up and applications management, often with the help of our large offshore delivery capabilities, heavily speeding up the process. We provide an optimal workload allocation to public and private utility – safely and in control, provisioning third-party IaaS e.g. Microsoft Azure.

OneShare – your new best friend

We love smart solutions in the Cloud. Within the OneDeliver family of Sogeti solutions we have created OneShare, a toolset and a platform that helps simplify your application delivery by helping you manage existing resources in a systematic way. It delivers a fast, flexible and continuous application environment on top of Microsoft Azure. As a user you can load, test and manage your environments in an easier way than ever before. Users can copy and deploy test infrastructures or move applications into production in one click of a button. OneShare is truly one of our best innovations ever.

Why Sogeti for Cloud? 

Need to accelerate your business through Cloud solutions? Let us provide you with seven reasons why you should choose Sogeti as your partner in the Cloud.

We understand that your IT landscape requires different solutions. Sometimes on-premise is still the best option, sometimes a hybrid cloud solution is the right choice and sometimes an all-in cloud approach is the only long-term and most cost-effective way forward.

In collaboration with our global partners Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and HP we create solutions based on the latest technology. Our Cloud experts around the world are passionate about helping you grow your business in the era of digital transformation. 

If you would like to learn more about Sogeti's OneDeliver Cloud offering simply make an enquiry below. 

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