Advise - the real Cloud journey

So you are considering Cloud but are not sure where to begin? This is where we come in.

Sogeti offers a Cloud advisory service which involves an assesment of all your existing applications and IT infrastructure - whether you are partially in the Cloud or not at all - and will provide you with a strategic roadmap to implementing a comprehensive Cloud strategy that is specific to your organisations requirements. 

We work closely with our clients at this stage to accurately answer critical business questions that will assess your organisations suitability for the Cloud

  1. Are you Cloud Ready? 
  2. What are the security issues?
  3. What other considerations are there specific to your organisation that may impact your migration the Cloud?  

This process enables the development of a Cloud strategy specific to your organisation which supports your business strategy and will strengthen and build upon your organisations efficiency and agility. 

There can be a number of organisational factors which can impede your migration to the Cloud which is why understanding your cloud readiness is crucial when considering Cloud for your business. 

In this Cloud advisory stage, we will; 

  • Understand your business goals and help translate them into IT goals that are actionable and measurable
  • Look at your organisations current vision and align it with a Cloud strategy 
  • Clearly define your priorities 
  • Demonstrate the real drivers and benefits of Cloud 
  • Demonstrate the pitfalls of Cloud and lessons learned 
  • Run a Cloud Workshops to help mitigate security concerns

Our Cloud advisory services encompass; 

  • Cloud Strategy and consulting by aligning the leading principles of Cloud with your business goals and drivers 
  • Discovery and rationalisation of portfolio 
  • Data classification 
  • Licensing review
  • Recommendations on Cloud providers that best fit your organisation (Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Oracle Cloud)
  • Recommendations on deployment models (Public, Private and hybrid) that best fit your security and data requirements
  • High level business case and roadmap that for your organisations Cloud strategy 
  • Effectively achieving DevOps and Cloud benefits 
  • Future view 

Business/IT principles for Cloud Implementation 


Why Sogeti for Cloud? 

  • We have proven expertise in bringing clients on the full Cloud journey
  • We offer an end-to-end holistic solution to the Cloud
  • We offer value optimisation
  • We provide transparency around the benefits as well as the pitfalls of the Cloud
  • We provide optimisation of costs and Cloud consumption 
  • We have strong alliances and partnerships with leading technology vendors 
  • We enable business platform leverage 
  • We will optimise your network to provide you with a more efficient landscape 
  • Risk mitigation 
  • Future proofing 
  • New operating paradigm

If you are interested in Sogeti's Cloud solution simply make and enquiry below or contact us directly. 

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