Align - The Real Cloud Journey

At Sogeti, we travel with our clients on their Cloud journey and work closely with them at every stage of the implementation from transition through to management.

Armed with your strategic roadmap from the initial advisory and assessment, you are now ready to move to the next stage of your Cloud journey. This stage enables the transformation of your applications by rationalising, modernising, migrating workloads or creating new Cloud-native apps.


This is a critical stage in your Cloud journey and is client specific. At this stage, each application will be considered for one of the following; 

  • Retain: Applications that are not suitable for Cloud migration - but still make business sense - will be kept in their current state.
  • Rehost: This involves moving your software from on premise infrastructure to a Cloud provider. This is commonly referred to as Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS. A common example of this would be moving the web and database components of your company website onto your Cloud infrastructure. 
  • Refactor: This is where PaaS - Platform as a Service - comes in. This involves redesigning your system using Cloud native tools. A common example of PaaS would be redesigning a legacy system using Cloud native technology. 
  • Replace: SaaS - Software as a Service - involves using a vendor or service provider to access software and its functions remotely using a Web-based service e.g. Salesforce, Sharepoint and Office 365.
  • Retire: A value added benefit of Sogeti's Cloud readiness assessment is that it will highlight any systems that are no longer fit for purpose. This could be that with your Cloud migration you may be collating a number of applications into one or that there is duplicate functionality. 


Designing the security perimeter around your Cloud solution is vital to the success of your journey. This security perimeter will focus on compliance with best practices i.e. ISO27001, encryption, ensuring detailed security policies are in place and comprehensive identity management. In addition to this, test harnesses will be required to analyse vulnerabilities and to counteract DDoS (dedicated denial of a service). 

OneShare – your new best friend


We love smart solutions in the Cloud. Within the OneDeliver family of Sogeti solutions we have created OneShare, a toolset and a platform that helps simplify your application delivery by helping you manage existing resources in a systematic way. It delivers a fast, flexible and continuous application environment on top of Microsoft Azure. As a user you can load, test and manage your environments in an easier way than ever before. Users can copy and deploy test infrastructures or move applications into production in one click of a button. OneShare is truly one of our best innovations ever.

Why Sogeti for Cloud? 

  • We have proven expertise in bringing clients on the full Cloud journey
  • We offer an end-to-end holistic solution to the Cloud
  • We offer value optimisation
  • We provide transparency around the benefits as well as the pitfalls of the Cloud
  • We provide optimisation of costs and Cloud consumption 
  • We have strong alliances and partnerships with leading technology vendors 
  • We enable business platform leverage 
  • We will optimise your network to provide you with a more efficient landscape 
  • Risk mitigation 
  • Future proofing 
  • New operating paradigm

Interested? simply make an enquiry below or contact us directly. 

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