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The workplace is no longer a place. It’s what people do.

Digital opens the door for better collaboration across your organisation, increasing productivity and helping you achieve business targets. Below are a few ways that you can ensure that your employees can access and share information securely from any device, any place, any time.


Digital Workplace 

Digital workspace logo Your employees no longer work from just one device. They use a laptop, a smartphone, and sometimes also a tablet device. They expect a seamless journey across these devices, preferably with single sign-on, where they can access all (Office 365) applications and data. Research shows that if they don’t find this experience that they’ll try and use their own solutions to achieve the same, with serious consequences for your security, maintenance, license management, and compliance.


Flexible and Maintenance Friendly

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Your IT department is under pressure. On one side they are expected to lower spend, on the other side they are expected to increase the speed at which they can deliver solutions to the business. This can only be achieved by changing the culture and strategy. Sogeti can help you migrate towards a cloud first, business focused architecture that lower cost and increases speed to market for your solutions.


Sogeti Smart Workspace

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Every organisation is different, and so is every employee. That’s what we developed the Sogeti Smart Workspace, one pay-per-use digital workplace that is tailored for your organisation and personalised for each of your employees. Users will be able to find all applications and data they need in one place, allowing them to work on any device, from any locations, at any time.

Sogeti Smart Workplace can be delivered as an all-in-one solution or you can choose to implement one or more of the seven modules:

  1. Identity & Access Management - users have access via single sign-on. Central maintenance including authorisation per user (group), device, or location.
  2. Devices – delivery and management tools of all devices.
  3. Portals – out of the box components for collaboration and knowledge management, including predefined SharePoint templates. We can tailor your portal to fit your needs, for both on premise or cloud products from of the Office 365 suite.
  4. Workplace as a Service – a ready-to-use digital workplace in the cloud that includes a self-service portal, centralised license management, and even your own business app store.
  5. Office 365 – setup of all Microsoft Office 365 licenses, and implementation of individual components. Sogeti can also perform the Microsoft FastTrack migration and deliver managed services around Office 365.
  6. Application Transformation – transformation of all suitable applications to the cloud using either a cloud only or a hybrid model.
  7. Datacentre Modernisation – Sogeti can help migrate your datacentre to the cloud, significantly lowering your IT infrastructure cost, increasing your security, and providing you with the scalability that your business needs.


Personalised Workspaces

With Sogeti Smart Workspace your will be able to provide your employees with personalised workspaces that are location flexible. They have access to all the applications and data they need in order to share knowledge and collaborate. At the same time you simplify your maintenance and create agility and flexibility. With the various modules of the Sogeti Smart Workspace you realise the following advantages for your organisation:

  • Higher productivity
  • Better adoption of Office 365 products
  • Lower IT infrastructure cost
  • Less downtime during system implementations
  • Less time and effort spent on system maintenance
  • Flexible, scalable, and agile systems
  • Higher level of IT security

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