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Helping modernise Irish Banking with PSD2 compliance

Sogeti provided Quality Assurance to the PSD2 with the goal of zero slippage to production and added value and reduced cost for a top retail bank in Ireland.

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PSD2 is a European Union directive that aims to promote competition, innovation, and security in the payment industry. It requires banks to provide access to customer account information and payment services to third-party providers through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). This opens up opportunities for new players in the market and enhances the overall customer experience.

However, implementing PSD2 compliance can be complex and challenging for banks, requiring rigorous testing and quality assurance to ensure a seamless and secure user experience and that is where Sogeti comes in.

In this video we explore how Sogeti partnered with a top retail bank in Ireland to provide quality assurance for their PSD2 implementation with the goal to achieve zero slippage to production, ensuring that the bank's APIs were fully compliant with PSD2 regulations and provided a seamless and secure user experience for their customers.

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