"For me a good day is working with a client to understand their project needs and developing a new methodology"

Get to know Caoimhín Kelly, Business Analyst at Sogeti Ireland as he shares his expertise and what drives him in his career at Sogeti.

Describe yourself in three words?

Motivated, inquisitive, reliable

Tell us a little about your background

I always had a strong interest in Data analytics and Data visualisation. I was curious to explore the significance of forming real world conclusions using advanced data modelling and simulation. This passion shaped my education, when I undertook my masters degree in Geocomputation at Maynooth University I became inspired using data in a spatial context and lead me to become a Spatial Data Analyst.

Over the course of 5 years, I participated in a range of advanced analytical projects of varying sizes. It was from these different types of projects and industries that I saw the importance of Business Analysis and how being a strong communicator can help in tell a story using cutting-edge data visualisation.

Sogeti offered me a fantastic opportunity to delve deeper into Data Analytics through its great expertise and its progressive culture. I started working here with a focus on growing my analytical capability and developing new skills in growing IT sectors such as Cloud computing and Big Data.

What has your career at Sogeti looked like?

Joining the Sogeti team has been a great experience. I received an excellent onboarding induction and was very quickly provided with the resources that I needed to join my team and get started in my new project.

I was given the time to put together my own career path and aims to growing my skills in areas that am interested in. With strong support, Sogeti this has enabled me to achieve several Certifications.

Sogeti have also allowed me to become a team player and allowed me to share my ideas on how to help our clients throughout our projects. Right now, I am currently working on improving data quality and governance as our clients prepare to migrate data to new cloud infrastructures. This will contribute to better decision making for our clients in the future.

What are you most passionate about in your area of ​​expertise?

For me, I enjoy developing new data solutions to help our clients improve their data quality and analytical processes. I find it very motivating when a client adapts a solution which I contributed towards and see the positive impacts this has within the organisation.

How do you share your expertise?

Sogeti frames team spirit within its 7 values, this creates a very constructive environment where colleagues are always willing to take time to help with a challenge in an efficient way. As well as this strong team culture, there are wide ranges of resources to meet other teams throughout the organisation.

For example I am part of a Business Analyst knowledge base which brings Business Analysts from international teams together to share experiences and materials created during projects.

What does a really good day at work look like for you?

For me a good day is working with a client to understand their project needs and developing a new methodology. It can become very creative and very enjoyable.

How is a typical Sogetian?

A typical Sogetian is someone who is highly skilled but also enjoys working with new challenges and learning skills.

What do you like about working at Sogeti?

At Sogeti, you become part of a great team of people who support and listen to your own goals and help support you in improving and advancing your career while also building strong relationships with clients.

With Sogeti being a large organisation, you get work on exciting projects which offer new opportunities to work alongside proficient colleagues who share the same passion for Data.

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