Meet Xavier de Bustos, Director of Sogeti’s Life Science practice

Meet Xavier de-Bustos, Director in Sogeti Ireland's new Life Science practice who says digital transformation of the factory floor is a critical element to future cost effectivity.

Sogeti Ireland recently launched a new Life Science department and we would like to take a moment to introduce you to some of the team. Meet Xavier de-Bustos director of the Life Science practice at Sogeti Ireland.

Xavier is a specialist of innovation-led transformation and systematic innovation with Triz, specifically in the Life Sciences sector. He has been engaged by many medtech and biotech organisations to support their product and process innovation. He was also a director for Altran prior to joining Sogeti Ireland, and has a long experience in engineering and technology consulting. He is a strong believer that intelligent industry is a fantastic opportunity for the Irish Life Sciences ecosystem. As these factories of the future thrive and become a key production asset for Life Science companies, Ireland will be consider as a core innovation hub in this area.

So, what does Xavier see as the future challenges in Life Science manufacturing? For Life Science manufacturing organisations, Xavier states that the digital transformation of the factory floor is going to be a significant challenge in 2021 and the years ahead. This will require a re-engineering of their systems, architectures, and operating models to ensure they are better prepared to respond to future risk.

Xavier states that at Sogeti, we have built capabilities to support this digitisation journey, where a significant component is that of Digital Twins. This is where manufacturers create 3D renderings of computer-aided design (CAD) models, for asset management and prototyping. “Digital twins are virtual versions of a real object, which could be an entire factory building, a product or manufacturing line. IoT sensors instantly transmit data from an object to the digital twin, giving manufacturers an accurate representation of the asset that will adapt depending on what happens on the factory floor”

We expect that data will become more widely accepted as the single most critical feature of the journey to the ‘new normal’. But data alone is not enough, how that data is captured, stored, accessed, analysed and utilised to ensure manufacturers remain as agile, efficient, productive and cost effective as possible. Cost effectivity will be one of the biggest asks from manufacturing firms in 2021.

To conclude, Xavier reminds us of the importance of securing data – “With use cases like digital twin, the increased adoption of 5G and Edge, and connection of IT and OT, securing data is critical, as the flow of data within the organisation will increase. As a result, organisations will need to find secure ways of ensuring end to end data flow, allowing for operations to run smoothly and prepare for any uncertainty. Solutions around data management planning and scheduling would have to come together very quickly using existing systems within the organisation and ultimately breaking down siloes.”

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