What to expect from a consulting position

IT consulting is very different from your everyday IT role. Whilst it requires a specific amount of technical experience it also involves dealing with people on a daily basis and is a client facing position. If you are considering a career as an IT consultant this post will give you some insight into what it entails.

5 Top Tips for Consulting


  1. You need to be approachable and remember that the client must be happy with you in addition to your work.
  2. Understand that client locations will change often and sometimes without notice.
  3. You must adapt to different cultures in different client locations.
  4. You will be expected to become productive in a very short time.
  5. You will constantly have to prove yourself to new customers. 

Who is the ideal candidate?


  • A Team Player.
  • Someone who is Flexible - frequent location changes are common with a consulting position.
  • Someone who is approachable and comfortable in a client facing position.
  • A motivated individual who likes to learn new things.
  • Someone who is adaptable to different organisations and cultures.
  • An individual who strives to perform to the best of their ability
  • Someone who isn’t afraid to make mistakes but most importantly has the ability to learn from them. 

Our culture promotes open communication, constantly encouraging feedback and sharing of opinions and new ideas. We love innovation and new concepts and encourage any individual to share their knowledge and ideas with us. 

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