Analytics & Cognitive Services

Our Analytics & Cognitive Services service provides your organisation with the right information to sharpen and accelerate business decision making.

The execution of business strategy requires reliable information and data.

In today’s unpredictable conditions, it’s more important than ever to gain continuous market insight to enable your organisation to stay ahead of the curve and react quickly to ever changing market conditions.

Sogeti delivers innovative Analytics & Cognitive Services , focused on rapid delivery, as well as long-term vision, ensuring quick Return On Investment (ROI) and the alignment of  business objectives across the organisation.

Our expertise in Data Management and Technology makes Sogeti a natural partner to take your organisation to the next level.

What is a Cognitive Services solution? 

Data Visualisation 

Data visualisation is the best way to see the value in your data and is the place to start with any BI initiatives.  We provide your organisation with information to help you make better decisions.  Every user will be able to discover business insights, highlight inefficient processes and monitor KPI’s for sales, purchasing, etc.  Your data will tell a story, so you can measure and compare your data to analyse and improve your business process. 

Data Integration 

Integration of data into new systems to streamline the business process and allow your organisation to leverage your existing data while systematically integrating new data.  Data Integration can also allow you to intelligently combine dataset to leverage even more interesting insights in your data.

Big Data

Our Big Data service offering allows us to harness complex data to develop new business scenarios and enable your organisation to make business predications based on solid data. e.g. harvest unstructured data such as customer behavior, identify early detection of errors & risk identification. 

Data Cleansing

Good data is clean data. With our data cleansing service we improve Data Quality and implement Master Data Management

Data Science

Extracts knowledge from Big Data, using Statistical and Mathematical techniques, to allow your business to understand complex scenarios, ask questions from your data and predict outcomes and events with a likely probability.

Why Sogeti? 

  • We enrich our clients through intelligent insights/views which provide a tangible advantage for their customers.
  • We disclose structured and unstructured data through internal and external data sources for optimal insight.
  • Intelligent insight assures positive business results.
  • We challenge ourselves to do the best we possibly can to make a real difference for our Clients and their customers. Challenged people deliver excellent results.
  • Collaboration is a key value for us: with professionals, clients and partners.

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