Connect, Talk, Think, Act – Developing IoT and Industrial Internet Opportunities

This new report follows upon the successful fourfold series from SogetiLabs on the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Industrial Internet (of Things: IIoT). Both flavors are “two of a kind”, transforming the ways in which enterprises operate, collaborate and engage with customers. In this report, the focus is on Sogeti’s vision and client experience in industrial and consumer markets, and everything in between: from turbine to toothbrush, so to speak.


Currently, a final “Internet of Anything” or “Anything Internet” phase is much to the fore, marrying the consumer side and the industrial side of the Internet of Things through a myriad of connected services within and beyond company boundaries. This lays the foundation for product and service innovation, intensified customer engagement, new business models and revenue streams.

GE’s Industrial Internet               
Starting with General Electric’s Industrial Internet and the development of advanced analytics software for GE Aviation, we set out to explain how the scope of the Internet of Things touches the operational excellence and customer intimacy efforts of all enterprises through product and service leadership. We introduce the Connect-TalkThink-Act paradigm, and the corresponding straightforward 5A architecture of IoT systems.

What Customers Want and Expect: Connected Service eXperience (CSX)            
Dealer-FX Group is among the fastest growing enterprises in North America. The company serves as a convincing poster child for the urge all companies should feel to embrace a digitally connected service approach before competition takes the lead and trumps reactive business models overnight in a disruptive way. We proceed to help you make your business case by explaining what a Connected Service eXperience (CSX) involves, what steps should be taken, what maturity means in this context, which complexities arise, how we can assist you in overcoming them in a cost-effective manner, and what security concerns must be taken into account.

Things and Services from Michelin and Philips 
Of course Michelin will continue to be the renowned tire manufacturer selling its quality products, but the company is also gradually evolving towards service provisioning. With smart sensors and in-vehicle telematics, Michelin has started to sell miles for vehicles, or a number of landings for aircraft. In essence, it is the same move that General Electric has made leasing turbine engines to various sorts of operators.

The multi-talented architect Le Corbusier memorably defined: “light creates ambiance, light makes the feel of a space, and light is also the expression of structure.” He was right, but connected lighting does even more, as the Philips hue bulbs show. Lighting may be personal and wirelessly controlled nowadays, even over the Internet, and connected for convenience and security to, for instance, smart thermostats like Google’s Nest and intelligent door lock systems.

IOT with Sogeti Let the Philips Sonicare toothbrush represent the consumer end of the sensor connected world we live in, and GE’s talking turbines the industrial end of the spectrum. We tend to refer casually to these telling examples, and everything in between, in terms of the Internet of Things and the Industrial Internet. Increasingly industries will engage in both, as our sensorized world is rapidly growing by billions of nodes each year.

We present the three angles from which organizations tend to approach the new business opportunities and conclude by highlighting inspiring examples from our own practice, of companies that are actually building out new Connected Service eXperience opportunities by delivering real business value to customers through the application of IoT solutions.

IoT Benefits      
The world has started to embrace the Internet of Things: retailers, media, airlines, and car makers; insurance companies, telecom operators, product manufacturers, and software companies; transportation & logistics, cities, farmers, armies and individuals. Better products and services, new functionalities, faster customer feedback loops and value chains, a remarkable increase in innovation and start-up activities, new business models, cross-industry benefits, and last but not least a healthier and more efficient human lifestyle are just a few generic highlights from the impressive longlist of applications that our sensorized IoT world has to offer.

Connecting the IoT Dots              
Every major progress comes at a cost and the IoT is no exception. Learning by doing, we experience today what it means to Connect objects, machines, devices, components and people; what these actors should Talk about; how we can let them Think with us and among themselves; and what Actions we consider necessary and desirable in specific business contexts.

This Connect-Talk-Think-Act paradigm is the concise way of explaining A) what the implementation of IoT solutions would mean in a specific context, B) which complexities and challenges arise, and C) how the simple CTTA mantra governs the more technical 5A scope of data Acquisition, Aggregation and Analysis, the automated Assignment of tasks, and the Actions to be taken.


Don’t hesitate: Connect • Talk • Think • Act, and call Sogeti


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