Webinar on “Cybersecurity Kill Chain - Myth or Threat”

Putting things back into perspective by describing rapidly the current Cybersecurity landscape, SogetiLabs Fellow Vincent Laurens discussed the Cybersecurity Kill Chain theory.

During the session, Vincent focused on:

  • Putting ourselves a bit in the shoes of attackers
  • Defining (from what we hear in the news) what myth actually is or what real threats comprise
  • Exploring if the Cat and Mouse game is still on

In addition to that, Vince explained how, through a gamification process, several organizations try to use the Cybersecurity Kill Chain principle to educate their staff on Cybersecurity issues.

Information Security Fundamentals such as the CIA concept or the IT Security Risk management concepts are still of critical importance. However, keeping up with new trends and adopting, at times, an attack posture can bring to light new threats and lead to the implementation of a new defense mechanism. [...]


To watch the video and interact, please visit the SogetiLabs blog: Webinar on “Cybersecurity Kill Chain - Myth or Threat”

Vincent Laurens
Vincent Laurens
Head of Security Business Development at SOGETI Luxembourg