TPI® & TPI® NEXT - A roadmap to more efficient testing

With increased application testing, inefficiencies can become more evident and problematic. Sogeti and Capgemini's Test Maturity Assessment and Improvement service provides insight into your testing maturity, industry benchmarking and a roadmap to more efficient testing.

A Global Team of Testing Process Improvement Specialists

Our Test Maturity Assessment and Improvement services are based on the combination of our Test Process Improvement (TPI®) methodology and Quality Blueprint framework.

TPI® is a leading model that provides an objective, step-by-step guide to realising business-driven test process improvement. Over the last decade, hundreds of clients worldwide have successfully used it to address their testing challenges.

The model is even more powerful when used with Quality Blueprint. This innovative framework provides a benchmark against the industry standard, comparing the test maturity of other firms in your sector, including competitors. This intelligence equips you to make better-informed decisions about improving your testing performance.

Our experts around the world have access to our testing database, which is continuously updated based on new assessments and industry reports, including the findings from our World Quality Report.

Ensuring Testing Processes Operate to Their Full Potential

Our complete testing service helps you address your key test process challenges, realise a higher level of test maturity and achieve more streamlined and efficient processes.

This business-driven approach to improving your testing process provides several significant benefits:

  • Clear insight into the existing maturity of your test processes and your competitive positioning
  • An understanding of steps needed to achieve your business-specific goals
  • More efficient and effective test processes aligned with your key business drivers
  • Increased productivity and reduced time to market, resulting in lower test costs
  • Access to industry best practices and experience
  • Minimised business and technical risk through regulatory compliance, particularly relevant in financial services, telecoms, pharmaceuticals and government

Our Proven Approach Ensures Quality Testing and Results

We work with you to develop a testing organisation that addresses your key test execution challenges, enhances performance efficiency and effectiveness, and delivers significant productivity gains.

Combining our industry standard TPI® methodology and Quality Blueprint framework, we provide a clear and objective assessment of the relative maturity of your test processes and structure.

We offer practical recommendations for continuous improvement by:

  • Measuring and scoring your existing maturity using our TPI® foundation
  • Benchmarking the test maturity of your organisation against the industry standard, using our Quality Blueprint benchmarking data
  • Defining a roadmap for success to deliver actionable plans that focus effort and value on business priorities
  • Leveraging industry best practice accelerators and our Innovation Labs tools to reduce costs and improve productivity


As businesses evolve so too do their requirements and methodologies. TPI® has proven to be the leading methodology to assess the maturity of an organisations - or project's - test process. TPI® NEXT builds on the strengths of this original model with improvements that make this new model innately business-driven. 

TPI® NEXT is a more flexible model that adapts to changing business drivers over time. This model works simultaneoulsy with Sogeti's TMap® NEXT test methodology, but, as an added benefit to this model, it can also be used under any test method circumstance. 

TPI® NEXT will help you improve your test process and bring business value to your organisation. 

  • Result contains concrete recommendations to improve the testing process focused on achieving corporate and/or project objectives.
  • Advice can be derived based on this globally used and recognized testing standard based on a proven approach.
  • The outcome of the assessment provides a basis for developing a thorough test policy and further professionalization of your IT process.
  • Sogeti takes care of sending questionnaires and follows the answering. You have little administration.
  • The results can be reviewed by one of Sogeti's TPI NEXT® experts.
  • Sogeti offers the service at a fixed price and takes the risk of idle hours.
  • Low costs compared to a full (external) assessment.
Business case: 

The lead time of performing a TPI® NEXT self-assessment is 2 to 3 weeks. This service provides a saving of 75% with respect to the cost of a formal TPI NEXT® assessment (complex). This makes it possible to be carried out more frequently. Every following self-assessment gives you up-to-date insight into the test process maturity of your organization or project.


To make the TPI® NEXT self-assessment possible, an intake is kept to make arrangements about:

  • the standard list of questions.
  • which persons will be asked to fill in the questionaire, with a maximum of 100.
  • the benchmark or target the measurment will be compared to.
  • the data of previous measurments that are compared.
  • during which period the questionaires are open to be filled in.

The execution of the TPI NEXT® self-assessment consists of the following steps:

  • Installing a dedicated environment of TPI NEXT® module.
  • Setting up the TPI NEXT® module, as per arrangements from the intake.
  • On the discussed date an e-mail message will be send to the people selected to fill in the questionaire.
  • The TPI NEXT® module is accessible via the internet. You only need a webbrowser to access the questionaire. The website is available for a maximum of two weeks. After one week a reminder is send.
  • The progress of completing the questionnaires is reported weekly to the contactperson.
  • Within one week after closing acces to the questionnaires, the report presented to the contactperson and discussed.

In case the initial TPI NEXT® assessment was scoped to the organisation, it is essential to have end-users and business line management invited to fill in the questionaire.

  • Overview containing the score for each key area group of the current maturity of the test process compared to benchmark or target and previous measurements. (As agreed in the intake)
  • The filled-in questionaires.

Within 10 days after receipt of the signed contract Sogeti starts the execution of the assignment. The lead time is about 3 weeks.

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