BI service center

Business Information Service Centre

Sogeti’s Business Information Service Centre has been conceptualised and implemented to various clients helping them to deliver an innovative, domain focused, high performance BI capability with industrialised delivery and support.

By combining our on- and offshore skills through our Rightshore® approach and using specific methods, tools and best practice, Sogeti is able to help organisations provide innovative BI; making it accessible, delivering it quickly and in a highly cost effective way.

How our Information Service Centre Works

There are essentially three parts to getting a BI Service Center delivering value. The first is getting the BI platform and configuration set up for industrialised development. In parallel the BI factory can be established in a low cost location (on- or offshore) but the last, and probably most important, part is engagement with business on-site and focusing on delivering business outcomes through a competency framework and business engagement process.     

Why Sogeti

Sogeti’s BI Service Centre allows you to do more with less. It enables organisations to industrialise BI delivery, so they can service more requests, deliver faster and ensure higher customer satisfaction. We have pioneered and perfected the BI Service Center methodology: a unique blend of our Rightshore® model, BIM technology competence and industrialisation capability. This has helped to transform the use of information in many organisations. Sogeti’s BI Service Centre focuses not only on technology but also provide the factory and client-side ecosystem to deliver BI success.