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Datacenter Bites the Dust!

We usually approach IT matters as source of disruption in our lives but we don’t mention the effect caused by this revolution on the IT world itself. Infrastructure as we used to know is about to pass away.

It has become so cliché to talk about disruption nowadays. This past decade and this will go on for sure in the future, we heard about the irremediable impact of IT in our everyday life: internet, web 2.0, wearables, 3D print, bitcoins, IoT, blockchain… and many more. We talk about the way we now buy, pay, book, rent, sell, share… and I could go on and on.

How did the Datacenter evolve since it appeared and how it impacts us – IT professional – today and for the next decades?

Before answering the question, let’s first agree on a short definition of the word Datacenter. It is a computing facility with infrastructure and storage elements plugged on secured power supply. Therefore, we can consider ENIAC as the grandfather of the datacenters we know today. ENIAC was built by the US Army to store artillery firing codes. No other computer had comparable storage and calculation capacity in history. The entire installation required more than 160 square meters. It was a great hardware innovation. A great industrial innovation as well. [...]


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