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Cloud Solutions Built For Today, Tomorrow and Beyond Enjoy Tailor-Made Sogeti Cloud Solutions Which Don’t Just Futureproof Your Business, But Propel You Forward In The Present

Don’t get left behind. Cloud technology isn’t just for the future, it’s for the present. With Sogeti as a partner, you’ll gain access to cloud experts who will create a truly bespoke cloud environment to make your business agile, fast, proactive, innovative and more cost-effective than ever before.

At Sogeti, you’ll gain access to our worldwide experts who operate on a local level, meaning that you’ll have access to the best in modern technology that’s created specifically for you and the challenges your business faces every day. We bring world-class cloud solutions from premium brands including Microsoft, Google and AWS into your business, creating a positive, energised and digital environment for you and your customers.

Connect and engage better with customers, reduce costs, gain a competitive edge and enjoy simple and easy to use technology that helps your business to lead, not follow. 

How Much Can You Save With The Cloud? Find Out Today

Not sure on the impact cloud services will have on your business? Why not ask us today about where you can gain the most in terms of engagement with your customers, increased productivity but also how to make long-term savings on your existing solution?

Sogeti’s Cloud Economics Assessment can help discover how much money you can save by moving to the cloud. The assessment will look at consumption costs, identify areas of optimisation and point you in the right direction to get the best value from the cloud. 

Ask us today for a full breakdown of the impact and power of the cloud.

How The Cloud Helps Enexis To Supply Energy to Millions 

Enexis implements and maintains electricity for over 2.8 million customers on a daily basis. Thanks to the cloud, managing, anticipating and reacting to changing circumstances means that their 4,500 employees can handle it with ease. In our case study, find out how the cloud is making sure that homes are supplied with electricity and keeping the lights on. You’ll also discover how Sogeti made the transition process for Enexis simple for the present but also with a roadmap for the future.

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Undergo A Sogeti Cloud Transformation

Sogeti’s ability to drive innovation and have access to world-class experts mean that we can provide our customers with tailored solutions. It’s not a one size fits all approach. Our software and cloud services solutions are built and designed from the ground-up to work for you.

  • Digitise your processes with cloud solutions for a more transparent, seamless and data-driven approach
  • Digitally connect with your customers through the cloud, providing them with a premium experience like no other
  • Gain access to worldwide experts who can solve local problems unique to your business
  • Power up your capability through pragmatic and easy to use cloud services that are designed around your priorities
  • Embrace cloud services built for the present and the future that make it happen for you
  • Automate what you do, whilst still providing you with full control and management options.

Get in touch with us today and discover what a Sogeti Cloud Transformation will achieve for your business.

Cloud For Every Business, Every Sector, Everyone

Being powered by the cloud isn’t restricted to tech-savvy companies who know their HTML from their AWS. No, it’s for all businesses.

The cloud is for every business, every sector, every employee and every customer. It allows: 

  • Those in Education to teach across the country without barriers 
  • Finance companies to stay connected and with their clients by providing real-time data
  • Businesses in the public sector stay up to date with changing regulations and demands of customers. 
  • All sectors to do their job better than ever before by being efficient, agile and fast

The modern world means that businesses need to digitise. Customers and partners need solutions, products and services today, not next week. The cloud is helping to give all businesses the ability to deliver.

Discover how the cloud is helping businesses in every sector to be: 

  • More agile to changing environments
  • Faster at decision making
  • Creating premium customer journeys 
  • Helping balance sheets to look greener

Ask us today and we’ll show you how cloud technology is changing business for the better. 

Protected and Safe - Why The Cloud Environment is Secure For Your Business

Naturally, when it comes to incorporating any new technology into your business there are always concerns about safety and security - how can you be sure your customers and your business is safe? Discover how the cloud environment is secure by keeping data safe and well guarded, even from the most persistent threats in one of our latest blogs.

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The Importance Of Being Everywhere On Every Device

In this case study, discover how the lives of students were made easier thanks to digital services and the cloud that allowed them to collaborate better and work from anywhere. But how did we do it? Discover the secrets to breaking down barriers and the benefits of being everywhere on every device in our report.

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Why Sogeti for Cloud Services?

With Sogeti, you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds: local knowledge, combined with global expertise and access to the best in technology and experts. For you, it means local access to world-class cloud services, partners and development solutions.

At a local level, we understand the everyday challenges you need solutions for. We know the intricacies of the local market, yet have the capability to provide you with global experts. We’ll ensure that you aren’t left on your own and our local teams are always within reach. We’re known for being a problem solver and with our extensive portfolio, we’ve gained the trust of businesses who know that we’ll deliver for them, no matter the challenge.

Our Cloud Services teams will find solutions to the most difficult of questions, across a range of sectors, time and time again. Make a difference to your business and your customers with a modern cloud solution that digitises your business and prepares you for the present and the future.


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