Improved processes and collaboration between teams lead to cost savings

Sogeti provides Managed Testing Services for a Leading Reinsurance Company.


When it came to testing various internal applications, the client lacked standardization with respect to methodology, processes, roles etc and there was no centralised test management. This led to high cost compounded by lack of collaboration between various testing roles.


Sogeti team conducted due diligence and assessment of the clients needs, environments and processes.  We presented an integrated road map for managing all their testing requirements along with a strict SLA model.

Currently, Sogeti offers complete managed testing services for the client and is their sole testing partner. We have also set up a Testing Center of Excellence for the client offshore which provides end-to-end testing service portfolio.

Along with that, Sogeti team has been responsible for setting best practices, creating reusable accelerators and innovations tailored specifically for the client.


Apart from substantial cost savings, our services created effective collaboration between various teams and standardised testing processes for all the client applications. Stringent SLA based model enabled a faster time to market for the client and thus helped client in their business.

Sogeti has become a complete testing partner for them by creating innovations which took this engagement to a much deeper level.