The Sogeti Studio

The Sogeti Studio is Sogeti Ireland's mobile testing lab which provides your organisation with access to local testing resources and devices as well as close collaboration with our highly skilled testing teams and the opportunity to see your applications being tested in practice.

Mobile Testing 

"Mobile" today is the leading trend regarding its impact on the business world. Both internally on an enterprise level as well as externally towards clients and partners. Mobility and the Web have completely redefined the rules of business and communication with it now a business imperative to have mobile enabled and supported websites and applications. Whilst offering many benefits, this also raises challenges, especially in today's world, where users expect information and feedback at the touch of their fingertips. The user is king and reputation can be won and lost in an instant. 

According to our most recently published World Quality Report (2015-16) the biggest challenge for organisations deploying mobile and multi-channel applications is that they don't have an in-house testing environment with 38% of respondents agreeing.  

Also according to the World Quality Report, key focus areas for mobile testing included security testing and performance testing. 

Mobile Testing Lab

With a wealth of mobile expertise and experience, Sogeti Ireland can support you, whether you are looking to deliver a high quality customer experience, better execution, more secure application and consistency across networks and devices.

Typically, mobile testing requires significant investment in procuring devices and designating resources which many organisations find difficult to justify for ad-hoc requirements. Sogeti Ireland have identified this challenge which is why we have developed a comprehensive and integrated local Mobile testing studio in Ireland. The Sogeti Studio can leverage, where required, our offshore Mobile Testing Centre of Excellence (CoE). 

Based in our headquarters in Smithfield, Dublin 7, Sogeti Studio and all of its associated mobile devices can be accessed on site or remotely for all your mobile testing requirements. 

Sogeti Studio offers organisations the ability to test across a wide range of regularly refreshed mobile devices, web browsers and application configurations, either on-demand or within a set time period – almost like a recording studio.

Sogeti Studio offers the following mobile testing services, all of which are supported by our industry-recognised structured testing approach, TMap® NEXT:

  • Functional Testing - Validate the functionality of your mobile application.
  • Compatibility Testing - Execute testing across a wide range of mobile devices, platforms and web browsers. 
  • Usability Testing - Evaluate your mobile application's user experience with a sample user group, senior testers and benchmark against similar applications.
  • Performance Testing - Evaluate end-to-end performance, network availability and performance of mobile application including system integration and back end performance.
  • Security Testing - Evaluate common security aspects including confidentiality, integrity, authentication, authorisation and availability. 
  • Web Accessibility Testing - Evaluate your mobile application against accessibility guidelines such as W3C Accessibility WCAG2.0.

Sogeti Studio also offers the following more general services:

  • Content Management System (CMS) Testing
  • Tool Evaluations e.g. SMARTBEAR, HP & Microsoft 

Sogeti Ireland has specific expertise in many sectors including;

  • Banking 
  • Gaming 
  • Pharmaceuticals 

Key benefits of The Sogeti Studio

  • The ability to ramp up and down resources as required
  • A wide array of devices available and refreshed in line with market trends
  • Flexible commercial options
  • All types of mobile testing work undertaken
  • Dedicated delivery manager

If you are interested in our Sogeti Studio you can make an enquiry below. 


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    Manoj Mudholkar
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